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Saying something worth listening to

What could I say that hasn’t already been said before and that anyone would be interested in hearing about?

It’s Tuesday. The day after Labor Day and I’m on vacation at a beach house that a group of us rents every year in South Dartmouth, MA.

Beach House

It’s the second day of heavy wind and rain. It’s been four days of non-stop eating, golf, beach, biking, kayaking and an endless stream of family and friends. The combination of the current bad weather and days of overindulging and overexertion has me wallowing in the vacation blues.

Thus, my rather bleak outlook on writing this first blog post for my new marketing website.

I read a fair amount of content on the Internet about marketing and business management. It’s hard to keep me interested in a single topic or a particular blogger, but there is a particular character I regularly look forward to hearing from.

The topics he writes about are not necessarily new. Often, there are simple tips and common sense business practices that we all need to be reminded of. Even more so, I like his humor and the personal stories he tells. I look forward to reading them.

So, for me, it’s not the cutting edge tactics of the latest online trend told from an all-business-like, so-called expert. I enjoy the personal stories and humor told from someone I like to hear from giving me practical tips I can immediately use in my business.

The formula is simple. From your area of knowledge take something useful that other people could apply to their life or business. Start with a personal story that can somehow be tied to your tip. Open up, don’t be too serious and talk about something people can easily relate to.

It’s a helpful formula. Enjoy!

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