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Jim has been working with us as a business consultant on our marketing, our hiring process and also on developing policy for implementing systems and processes within the company.

As a result, sales are running 50% higher than for the same period a year ago and we are booked out to capacity for the next 6 months. My stability and confidence as a business owner has risen tremendously.

Jim has given us more clarity on the challenges that we’re facing in our industry and the opportunities that will help us shape our future products and services.

He is also working with me on a more comprehensive business plan that would allow me to eventually turn over a lot of the day-to-day functions that consume most of my time.

As a result of working with Jim we blew away all previous sales records and did our highest ever spring sales. We also became the Number 1 fastest growing franchise in the US out of 400 Lawn Doctor franchises.

Within weeks of setting up the system we hit our highest ever in delivery and we continue to get more and more done without reducing the quality of our work.